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Tabs for PowerPoint adds new tab functionality to PowerPoint
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Microsoft Office PowerPoint has probably become the presentation software par excellence. Superb features, continuous processes of development as well as Microsoft’s aggressive advertising have turned it into a favorite among users. Nevertheless, no software is perfect, and even more when there are so many different users to please. Despite being capable of opening several presentations at the same time, PowerPoint opens each presentation in a separate window. This means that there are times —say, while comparing two presentations or creating a new one from another — when you wished you did not need to go to the Windows taskbar to change the active window.
Tabs for PowerPoint is an attempt to facilitate the process of working with two or more presentations at the same time, and it does it by means of tabs. It is not a standalone software tool — it just adds new functionalities to PowerPoint. Tabs have become very popular among web browsers’ designers and users, because they allow shifting from one web page to another without leaving the same window. So, if you are already familiar with tabs, you will find no difficulty in starting to use Tabs for PowerPoint right away. Instead of having your open presentations in different windows, you will be able to change from one to the other without leaving the active window. It is predictable that some people will love this feature, which I personally find quite convenient, while others would like to stick to the classic PowerPoint appearance for the sake of habit.
The options available in this software tool will let you configure where you want the tabs to appear — above or below the workspace. You may set some operations, as to the use of your mouse to open, close, or change tabs. In addition, there are options that allow you to customize the appearance of the tabs.

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